Tuesday, October 30, 2007

random information

I went to two shows and saw two amazing bands.
The indie music scene in Chicago is alive and buzzing.
After all, it is the pretentious home base for the folks at Pitchforkmedia.com

Tokyo Police Club is a jumpy band from Canada. I thought that I was attending an 18+ show, but apparently there were 13 year old teenage girls/boys surrounding me. I guess kids really know their music now a days.

The guys in the band looked so incredibly young, I think all of them are either 19 or in their early 20's.
Their ensemble consisted of plaid button ups, purposeful band t-shirts and rumpled jeans.

Of Montreal was one gigantic, colorful, homosexual dance party. I saw a man walking around in S&M gear and the audience was pretty much beautiful, since the majority of them were gay.

The members wore great costumes coated with glitter and spandex. Kevin Barnes stripped to a pair of skin tight hot pants with stockings. The man is a genius. A genius that wears blue eyeshadow and glitter.

Monday, October 29, 2007

only shopping gives me happiness

Bad news.
I wasn't able to take pictures of people on the streets when I went home for vacation because my camera ran out of batteries. I have the worst luck sometimes.
Instead of wallowing in my sadness, I went out and hit the stores.
Here is a documentation of the items I bought.

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!

Black leather slip-on heels $1.50!

Leather Brazilian pointed flats $4

Crazy 80's slingbacks $2

Blue heels once more $1.50
(Blue shoes complete me.)

Purses! Purses! Purses!

Vintage Lord & Taylor bag $6

Vintage Marshall Field's shoulder bag $4
(R.I.P. my lovely, lovely store)

Vintage clutch/purse $4.50

1950's shirtwaist dress $4
(now I can finally look like a 50's housewife during my leisure times.)

and the best find goes too...

a pair of American Apparel skinny jeans for $14.44!!!!

They usually go for around $70 at the store but I couldn't believe that I found them for only $13.99!!! (14.44 including tax) I got them at Crossroads Trading Co. in Wicker Park, which is a store that sells used clothing. The store was filled with tons of things from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel t-shirts. It felt like they were practically giving them away. I kept asking the sales lady if the price was a joke, but it wasn't!

TAKE THAT American Apparel!! Your jeans were priced at a ridiculous amount and I refused to buy them. Everything in that store is pretty much ridiculously priced. All that will-power did pay off at the end. The lesson at the end of the story is: consignment and thrift stores are the only way for college students to shop.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

this blog is not dead

There hasn't been much updates because midterms have been kicking my ass. I am burnt out and resting at this current moment.

Posting will probably continue by the end of the week, and this is talking to the few who actually come and read this blog. (which is like 5 people!!)

But I am happy that the gods of fashion have answered my prayers.

Marc Jacobs is indeed making a store in Wicker Park and it should be opening soon, thanks to moxie for the update. In honor of the event I've created a shrine in my dorm room to appease the gay god of fashion. I've dedicated an entire wall showing off his ads, and I hope this will make him happy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

we need some more marc jacobs in our lives

Alright, here's another post that has nothing to do with Chicago whatsoever. But I'll be going back home for the weekend for fall break, so hopefully I'll get some pictures in by then.

By now, everyone should know that every girl's favorite designer has released a new fragrance called Daisy. I read in an interview somewhere that the fragrance was inspired by Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. (I never much liked her, she was too flighty for my taste.) I've tried a sample, and it was very "girly" smelling. I can definitely imagine Daisy wearing this while she was playing tennis.

These totes are only available at the marc jacobs store for around $12 (cheaper than an old navy or target tote!!). There isn't one in Chicago, I can't believe that he has stores in Taiwan, Malaysia, Vegas, New York, Saudi Arabia, Russia, California....pretty much the entire world except for us. Maybe he's scared to open up a store here, because we live in a city that's considered to be the fattest in the nation (according to Men's Fitness Magazine, but what do they know anyways). But these tote bags are delicious, they're going up to $40 on ebay right now.

And now for the man himself. I got these pictures from the addicting new drug called perezhilton.com. He's got a tattoo of himself as a Simpson's character! It's very cute, I like how the cartoon version of himself is waving at something.

Can you believe that the man once looked like this??

And now he looks like this!
(note: he's got a little J tattoo, i think for his lover)

Jesus christ, he looks like a whole new person. This picture is funny in an awkward way, I think he's doing some form of yoga on top of this nice young gentleman.

A statement intended for Marc's eyes only:

HEY MARC JACOBS! If you read this blog, (maybe when the world explodes) can you make a store in Chicago! Please? We are sick of going to Nordstrom's or Bloomingdale's and also searching the internet for your designs. We need a store asap now! We the city of Chicago, vow to stop eating hot dogs and pizza if you come here. I solemnly swear dearest marc jacobs.

Okay, I'm done rambling now.