Sunday, November 4, 2007

what the hell are you doing in downstate illinois?!?!

Last Friday I went to the Salvation Army since there was nothing better to do.
I love to dig through the clothing racks at Salvation Army. I sifted through old puffy-sleeved dresses from the 80's and raggedy t-shirts with lame slogans. I always feel like I'm searching for treasure. When you find something at the end of your search, it feels amazing since it seemed like you went on a long adventure. An adventure filled with dusty clothing and crazy old women constantly bumping into you.

Alas, on my last adventure I came across my most prized treasure yet. I found a Diane Von Furstenberg blazer!

My mouth was wide open with confusion when I first pulled this off the rack. I couldn't believe that this was in a ratty old thrift store. But most importantly I couldn't believe that this was in Peoria, Illinois which is in the middle of no where (I only come here for college). This town is 300 miles away from my lovely home of Chicago and the inhabitants never wear designer clothing. Why was DVF lost among Members Only jackets and Talbots sweaters?

The price was at $3.29 but at the register it got marked down even lower to $1.69!! They were having a special where all blue-tagged items were half-off!!

Here's a closeup of the tag. You can tell that the owner cut off the little tag underneath that shows the size and washing directions.

Are there any professionals out there that can tell me what decade this is from? I think it's from the 1980's but I'm not too sure.