Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day

Classes have been canceled today because 5 inches of snow fell last night covering the state of Illinois. I am locked in my room and can't hide behind anymore excuses of why I'm too busy to make long awaited updates. I guess this post will be about what I've been up to this past winter.

For the past month and a half I've been working at Victoria's Secret as a retail slave. Every single day I had to interact with women and their whining needs for lingerie. For those of you living in the U.S., you know that they have a massive sale during the winter time called the "Semi-Annual Sale". Which means flocks of women wait in front of the store and rip the entire premise apart upon entering. Heidi and Adriana are probably delighted to be employed by this company. They get to pose for pictures and do runway work. But for the rest of us, minimum wage and bitchy customers is what our day at work is like.

I also hate, hate, HATE seeing girls wearing sweatpants in public that say PINK on the butt. Do they honestly think that it looks good?? Especially little adolescent girls who don't realize that Victoria's Secret is actually filled to the brim with sex. Overpriced sweatpants and cute panties is just a marketing tool to suck them into the store at an early age.

Enough with the ranting...

But I saw a couple of great movies this winter too.

Juno was a really funny and sweet movie. Of course the whole world fell in love with Ellen Page. Do you think that she'll be the next Molly Ringwald?? I also really love her style. Most articles about Ellen are accompanied by pictures of her in comfy hoodies and sneakers. I like how she's being herself and not turning into another Lindsay.

But these photos show her looking so chic. I need to go get a vintage bicycle now.

I'm Not There, was the long awaited film about Bob Dylan starring a crew of great actors. In my opinion Cate Blanchett stole the spotlight. Throughout the film I kept forgetting that the Bob Dylan I saw was really a woman. Then I felt really awkward and weird becauseshe made an attractive man. Anyways, can you tell the difference between the real Dylan and Cate?

I've also been interning for the senator Barack Obama. Since last September I've been making thousands of phone calls to people urging them to vote. I've also walked around neighborhoods in Iowa and Illinois, knocking on people's doors conversing about the country. It's astounding how far he's gotten in this election. I haven't met the man yet, but I've encountered many of his friends. They've all got so many positive things to say. He resembles the John F. Kennedy that millions have gotten excited about in the past.

I didn't buy that many clothes this winter, but I did come across a really neat pair of mustard yellow skinny jeans. I've always wanted a pair of colorful pants and these were just perfect. I now have an obsession for all things that are mustard yellow.


Heather said...

I heard about that snowstorm! My friend's friend called her and said he couldn't see 5 feet outside his window...

That's so great that you're working for Obama!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Obama. Ahh I just remembered I have to bring my absentee ballot by the post office!

& oh my gosh, love the mustard jeans & I want a vintage bicycle too. Or any kind of bike really..